The SEO expert for practicing lawyers

The SEO expert for practicing Lawyers

Building your online presence

Search Engine Optimization as practiced by many SEO firms today is often implemented poorly due to the fact that they take a shotgun approach and target anyone with a website. As any practicing lawyer knows, it takes a lot of time to properly prepare for every client. To build a successful practice, you need to be focused. That is where BLUBEE SEO differs from other companies in the marketplace. This website’s primary focus is bar-certified practicing lawyers so we understand the challenges you face building and maintaining your online presence, while also actively taking on cases. We allow you to be experts in your field while we handle all the Search Engine Optimization for practicing lawyers.

Should you really understand Search Engine Optimization

Having a high-level understanding of how Search Engine Optimization works is no doubt a benefit to anyone looking for an SEO company. But, should you as an practicing lawyer need to understand all the minute details of how SEO works? I would say NO. Many SEO firms will confuse the client with very high level Search Engine Optimization speak by throwing buzzwords around to sound authoritative. This might work for a while, but the lack of results will always catch up to these companies. As an SEO expert, it’s my duty to take a video like the one below (in which Matt Cutts the lead at Google web spam team gives a very detailed explanation of basic SEO site wide links,

and implement it in a way that my clients actually see results measurable results.

If you would like to read some more in depth wikipedia article and resources about SEO you can Click Here.

If you would prefer to focus on practicing law and allow The SEO expert for practicing lawyers to handle your Search Engine Optimization and online branding, get in touch with us by filling out the contact form in the sidebar or going to our contact us page. Learn more About BLUBEE SEO page for more information BLUBEE SEO.

SEO Consulting

BLUBEE SEO is The SEO expert for practicing lawyers, it was founded by Owen Hogarth to offer Search Engine Optimization services for bar-certified lawyers currently practicing law. Each case that a practicing lawyer takes is unique and requires an individualized approach. The same customized approach is used when designing a plan of action for your website. We understand that while you are handling a case, you need to focus on your area of expertise, while we focus on your internet presence and increasing your client base. We are only able to provide Search Engine Optimization services to bar-certified lawyers. We offer many great free tips and tricks about Search Engine Optimization if your the type of person who just enjoys getting your hands dirty get some great SEO tips and tricks or just follow our blog for updated information.

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