5 SEO Strategies to Help Grow Your Law Firm

SEO is one of the best digital marketing channels to grow your law firm. At the same time, it is also one of the most competitive. That’s why you need to use the right strategies to give yourself a fighting chance.


You also need to use strategies that’s going to provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Here are five SEO strategies that your law firm should be using.


1. Start with Low Competition Keywords and Work Your Way Up

One of the best ways to start your SEO campaign is to go after low competition keywords first instead of the most competitive keywords. This will help you generate start generating traffic and leads early into your campaign.

The revenue you generate from these keywords will help you fund the competitive keywords.

It’s a big mistake to start out with the most competitive keyword if you have no SEO history. You also want to avoid these marketing mistakesif you’re just getting started with digital marketing.


2. Create Outstanding Content and Invest in Content Marketing


Most lawyers and law firms don’t even bother to create content and if they do, it’s usually subpar. You want to do the complete opposite and create outstanding content for your business.

Great content provides value to potential clients and helps you establish credibility. Marketing the content will also help you generate leads to for your firm. And of course, content marketing will also help you generate a lot of backlinks to your site which will benefit your SEO campaign.


3. Use Multiple Channels to Support Your SEO


To get an advantage over your competitors in the search listings, you need to utilize multiple channels like your blog and social media to support your campaign. For example, did you know social signals are a ranking factor? Social media channels can also be used to proliferate your content which results in more backlinks.

If you want to hire an agency to help you with your SEO, make sure it’s an agency that has the skills, resources and experience to integrate all the channels into your campaign. SERP Co Legal SEO┬áis an example of an agency that can help you get the most out of your digital marketing channels.


4. Use All the Advantages of Google My Business


Did you know that Google My Business (GMB) has several features that allow you to engage potential customers and help you improve the chances of converting users into leads? For example, you can create new post snippets (like a social media feed) on the bottom of your profile, set up a FAQ section, and add videos.

You can even set up an option for users to schedule an appointment with you or even send a text message to your phone.


This is bound to help you get more people contacting you.


5. Invest Heavily into Mobile Site


Many law firms will be locally based. For this reason, it’s important that you invest heavily into a mobile site. According to Google, around a third of mobile searches consists of a location.

If your website isn’t properly optimized for these users, you’re losing a ton of potential business. Ideally, you want to create your site using a mobile first approach. But this won’t feasible if you already have an established site.

In this case, you want to do everything to optimize for mobile users like reducing load times, using proper content formatting, improving site user experience.

These five SEO strategies will help you get going in the right direction and give you an edge over a good number of your competitors.

While SEO is very technical, you also need to approach things from a strategical point of view.